My Coffee, My Love

I inhale your scent and fall in love, Measured adoration by spoon and by cup, Manna from Heaven, a gift from above, Divinity on my lips with every sup. Whether cafetiere plunge or instant bliss, My mouth alive with the bitter taste, Savouring each little caffeine kiss, Not one tiny drop will go to waste.…

Our Son

Before you were born, we dreamed of a child, Time again we consistently failed, The hope on which our dreams were piled, Our plans in fear of being derailed. With IVF the dark turned lighter, Bringing back the hope of having you, You were destined to be a little fighter, The lone embryo of a…

The Schwifty Sonnet

“You gotta get schwifty in here”, The party has only just begun, Grab yourself a shot or a beer, And “get rickety rickety wrecked son.” “Take off your panties and pants”, See all the Rick and Morty geeks, Raising their glasses, everyone chants, “Look at me, I’m Mr. Meeseeks!” “Schwifty song, comin’ at ya”, Have…

The Skin You’re In

Look at yourself – your body, your skin; Whether tall, small, curvy or thin; Accept yourself; And your physical wealth; You are beautiful, both outside and in. By Paul Webster

The Role of Marriage

When partnership’s a mutual dream; Not as simple as it may seem; By working together; Whatever the weather; The role of marriage, is part of a team. By Paul Webster

Your Harshest Critic

In the life you live, or job you do; Negative thoughts knock you askew; Try and focus elsewhere; On love and self-care; Your harshest critic, is within you. By Paul Webster

​A World with Wings

Today is a day, bright and bold; A story of life, that needs to be told. In a world engulfed by violence and fear; Come acts that bring a joyful tear. Millions of people miles apart; Stand up for kindness and share their heart. They show that the world is wholesome and good; Attempting to…