The Anxious Voice

I am the voice that isn’t you, Tainting every thought with doubt, Whispering words, all untrue, Rationality seeping out. Tainting every thought with doubt, Repeating questions over again, Rationality seeping out, Why do I feel this mental pain? Repeating questions over again, Are you sure you locked the door? Why do I feel this mental…

Role Models

Hegemonic masculinity fails, Men need to tip the scales, Help boys rewrite, This story of plight, Toxic behaviour never prevails. By Paul Webster


Food is something we all consume, And a little extra, if there’s room, But day by day, meal after meal, It’s hard to describe the way I feel. Sliding down a mental slope, Searching out for confident hope, Always unhappy with what I see, And feeling like a lesser me. Breakfast is a sporadic event,…

Ballade of Bower

Amy Bower is a pleasure to meet, A woman of passion and strong direction, She’s equally kind, thoughtful and sweet, Held highly in everyone’s recollection, No one met with hate or rejection. A brain full of knots, buckles and rings, She is a mistress of problem detection, She is our friend, the Queen of Slings.…


Sunshine bathing all in my view, Joyful tweeting of birds in my ear, Lost in a sky of beautiful blue, My mind unfettered, open and clear. By Paul Webster