‘To Be a Dad’

From the moment a dad is given his post;
He becomes the man that is looked to the most.

Those nappy changes and late night feeds;
Whatever the wants and whatever the needs.

A dad is there through the thick and thin;
To calm down the cry and encourage the grin.

For the mother he provides some welcome relief;
To catch up on sleep no matter how brief.

As the child grows up, so does the dad;
Now having to teach the good from the bad.

He helps them develop their own unique mind;
By showing them the world and seeing what they find.

My child not yet two, my fatherhood still young;
So much to come and surprises to be sprung.

For now this poem will come to its end;
But on one final thought my son can depend.

From the very first moment I was hired as ‘dad’;
It became the best job I have ever had.
By Paul Webster


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