Woven Wings Review: Aquamarine and Thistle

When first asked to host a tester for Woven Wings, I was completely unaware of what might come my way and was given no indication of background. So when I opened up this package and saw the pale blue and pink wrap, with a note explaining that this was the exclusive wrap for the Northern Sling Exhibition,…

Paternal Poetry

The day of fatherhood will dawn, As soon as your child is born, The sum of all fears, The laughter and tears, Paternal pride echoed by a yawn. By Paul Webster

Limerick of the Slinger

There once was a child in a sling, The bond was a beautiful thing, Regardless if mum or dad, Much love will still be had, Whether buckle, knot or ring. By Paul Webster

From the Heart

February is a month devoted to the heart; Love in the air from the day it starts. Love is what drives this collection of words; C.H.D. awareness, the message to be heard. Congenital defects are owned from birth; Making part of your identity, but not your worth. My wife belonging to the T.G.A. part; A mix-up of arteries…