Paternal Poetry

The day of fatherhood will dawn, As soon as your child is born, The sum of all fears, The laughter and tears, Paternal pride echoed by a yawn. By Paul Webster

Limerick of the Slinger

There once was a child in a sling, The bond was a beautiful thing, Regardless if mum or dad, Much love will still be had, Whether buckle, knot or ring. By Paul Webster

From the Heart

February is a month devoted to the heart; Love in the air from the day it starts. Love is what drives this collection of words; C.H.D. awareness, the message to be heard. Congenital defects are owned from birth; Making part of your identity, but not your worth. My wife belonging to the T.G.A. part; A mix-up of arteries…

The School of Life

When you enter this world of joy and strife; You become enrolled in The School of Life. Into constant learning you are hurled; Your mind developing, becoming unfurled. Carefully examining the sights above; Memorising the faces of the parents you love. Not always so simple, soon feat after feat; The first piece of homework, learning…