The Role of Marriage

When partnership’s a mutual dream; Not as simple as it may seem; By working together; Whatever the weather; The role of marriage, is part of a team. By Paul Webster Advertisements

Your Harshest Critic

In the life you live, or job you do; Negative thoughts knock you askew; Try and focus elsewhere; On love and self-care; Your harshest critic, is within you. By Paul Webster

​A World with Wings

Today is a day, bright and bold; A story of life, that needs to be told. In a world engulfed by violence and fear; Come acts that bring a joyful tear. Millions of people miles apart; Stand up for kindness and share their heart. They show that the world is wholesome and good; Attempting to…

A Roommate Called Anxiety

Previously living just you and yourself; A picture of positive mental health. Your mind a place of domestic joy; No one around to pester or annoy. Thoughts the only company you need; A content and happy life to lead. Hearing a knock on the door in your head; Gone is the bliss, replaced by dread.…

Carrying for Life

European Baby-wearing Week is here; Supporting families and all they hold dear. Whether mother or father, your role is great; Nurturing and raising the life you create. From the comfort of their maternal home; Sanctuary in the abdominal dome. The moment they enter this hectic world; Into a place unfamiliar, they are hurled. A place…

Milling Around

When I scrolled through the dedicated Woven Wings Facebook group ‘All Things Woven Wings’ and saw a competition to visit their Mill, I was incredibly excited to enter, but didn’t expect much from it. The competition was to reinterpret the classic Woven Wings Geometric design. There were so many beautiful and creative entries, that I…

Inspired by Tired

Lids grow heavy, eyes soon glaze; Existing in a sleepy haze; Half living, half dead; Longing for bed; The weekend’s coming, count the days. By Paul Webster